Monitor Stand

Monitor stand for your VRC or stand for any TV's.

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Monitor stand:

Made out of metal square, color black like the VRC-chassis. A metal plate is delivered with in order to place your pc or your console next to the monitor stand and to be able to move everything as a unit.

The feet come separatly. You insert them inside the main frame of the monitor stand. You have one knob on each end to tight up these parts. You need to mount the VESA plate on your monitor-tv firt, then insert this plate inside the monitor stand frame. You can adjust the height the way you want.  

For TV or monitors up to 32 inches (102 cm diagonal). It is not apropriate to use larger TV screens. If you are going to put a larger TV too close of your eyes, it might tired your eyes to easily.
The VESA system is the classical mount of most monitor or TV's. The dimensions are 20 cms x 10 cms. There are other hole on the monitor stand plate, but usually 99 % of the screens have the VESA mounts.   

What's in the box:

  • The monitor stand compete with its VESA plate to mount on your TV.
  • A metal plate to place your pc or console next to it and moved them as a unit.
  • screws for the TV VESA mounts, and velcros straps for your cables.
  • Color : black
  • Height 67 cms to midde of your monitor
  • Width 72 cms