Bob Earl, inventor and designer of the seat VRC.

History of the VRC:
In 2004, Bob Earl a former professional American race car driver decided to develop a simulator seat adaptable to any family
at a reasonable price.
With its know how and a car chassis builder in California, they drew the first VRC.
Since 2005, more than 2,500 virtual racing chassis were produced and delivered. All this without any advertising but just word of mouth.

Bob Earl said: "The VRC is built to simulate the driving position of race cars I've driven for 25 years. I tried all the simulators on the market using common GT seats and found they may well be in a car but not before a TV screen. Their position is too upright and close to the players, as if you were sitting on the seat rather than in the seat. Every time I was being paid to try new race car, the first thing I did was to review the driving position. So why not try to build a really comfortable seat and have the feeling of driving a race car. With Huffaker Enginering that builds competitions chassis, I designed my own seat and the result of the VRC is very gratifying, really comfortable with the steering wheel and feet to the right place.

You will perhaps not the effect of "whoa" when you see the  picture of the VRC, but I can assure you that the effect "Oh yes" when you drive the VRC with your current wheel.

Dozens of emails from happy customers with their purchase a year we confirm "