Technical Questions :

What is the VRC?

The  VRC ( stands for Virtual Racing Chassis) is a metal frame  for racing games drivers completely adjustable in length and height with a very comfortable position.  The VRC  fits any table mounts wheels/pedal assembly and you can play/drive in front of your TV or your PC. The VRC has been designed to emulate the racing position found in most racing formats. It sits low and in a reclined "racing" position.
The Virtual Racing Chassis fit players from 1.20 meters to 2 meters.  
We have 2 models VRCMKI and VRCMKII. 

How is the VRC built?

The Frame is made welded in mild steel square with black powdercoat finish.
The seat is Sparco seat. You can choose different models that you can mount on the VRCMKII. You can also buy the VRCMKII without the seat and mount your own racing seat.
The Sparco seat on the standard VRCMKII is the Sparco R100 Black and Red.
The seat R100 is reclinable. The F104 Sparco is not reclinable.
The frame has been designed to fit the new Sparco seats. Compare to the VRCMKI, The position of the wheel support has been redesigned and a second tightening knob has been added to make the wheel support stronger.
The pedal assembly plate is also larger to accomodate new type of pedal assemblies and to be able to move easier the pedal positions.

vrcmk2 double pictures Dimensions et weight:
Length : 112 cms
Height : 105 cm wiith Sparco R100. Reclined 90 cms
Width : 56 cms
Weight : 17 kilos with seat Sparco 27 kilos
Simple, efficient and adjustable from kids to 6'6" (2meters) adults.

VRCMKI 2006-2010:
The Frame is welded  mild steel with a hard powdercoat finish.
The racing seat features a layer of soft foam for staying comfortable during those long endurance races.
The Vinyl Cover is Pleated and padded with a pull cord for a tight fit on the Fiberglass Seat.
Fiberglas thickness :0.7cm
Between the Fiberglass and the vinyl cover there is also a  5cm foam for even more comfort.
Cover made out of anti-fire material and anti-perspiration construction.
Our standard seat is not as hard as a racing seat. it was designed for video gamers and it is so comfortable, that you will watch TV in our seat...

playersvrc Dimensions et weight:
Length : 110 cms
Height : 53 cms
Width : 51 cms
Weight : 15 kilos
Simple, efficient and adjustable from kids to 6'6" (2meters) adults.



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